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6% daily for 25 days

Min.$50 - Max.$50000, Hourly interest accruals

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Our trading and mining team always keep an eye on every movement in the crypto world and we do business to book profit thus making sure that we never miss because of our experienced man force. Our margin trading helps us gain good results.

We will help you understand how it works.

Many coins are not believed to be as long-term investments. Most of the time, the criteria we use to pick coins starts fundamentally with the team, roadmap, and community. Once we have deemed a coin as “Fundamentally Strong”, we go into the charts and apply Technical Analysis to determine... "read more"

Why choose Freedollar?

Our Advantages

To ensure you earn without any fear from our platform with good returns we have ensured certain entities towards our growth which will help investors gain significant profits from their investment.

Our Professional Team

With over 6 years of individual experience in the crypto investment industry. Our team of professionals know how to find the best opportunities and manage portfolios for all investors.

Real Time Transactions

There is no need to wait for earnings reports or deposits to clear. These financial operations occur exactly when you initiate the process. Withdrawals are to be processed within 24 hours from your request time.

Simple Convenience

All you need to do is decide how much money you want to invest and we will handle everything else. The process is simple and the included tools will help you understand and control your money.

Affiliate Program

Signing up for an account, making a deposit, and allowing investments through Freedollar Limited puts you in a unique partnership position where you are an integral part of crypto investment advancements and offers.

Account holders at Freedollar Limited earn extra interest bonuses from the deposit amounts of their referrals for 3 levels deep.

The percentage affiliate commissions for level 1 referrals from 1 to 10 downlines are 5%, 11 to 30 downlines are fixed at 7% and if you gain from 31 to 100 referrals you will gain 10%. The commission of Level 2 and Level 3 referrals are 2% & 1% respectively.


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